Importance of Errors and Omission Insurance for Notary Public

Medical professionals get malpractice insurance. 

Entrepreneurs and independent contractors purchase business liability insurance.

For Notary Publics in the U.S., however, there is a specialized form of protection called errors and omission insurance, also known as E&O insurance. Even though many businesses use a structure that limits personal liability, it’s alarming how quickly professional liability can turn into a personal nuisance. 

Liability insurance is especially important for those who plan to make a living off their expertise. Having errors and omissions insurance will allow Notary Publics to function as both a fee-earning “entrepreneur” and a public individual occupying a state-designated position. 

This protects the integrity of their work, while ensuring that people who find serious errors or omissions can still claim damages.

What Is Notary Errors and Omissions Insurance?

In most jurisdictions,a public notary can not be held liable for the truth or accuracy of a document that he or she notarized. The notary’s job is to verify the signer’s identity (e.g. checking driver’s license, passport, government-issued ID card, etc.) and watch the signer signs the document. When these actions are complete, the notary will add his or her official stamp to the document to confirm a successful execution.

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