ID Without Drivers License

While working as a notary public agent, there are many instances when an individual requiring notarization may have different reasons for seeking the service. In most cases, the individual or his/her relative either has missing documents or is unable to offer a government-issued photo identification that’s valid. Some of the most common scenarios a notary public agent encounters while receiving visits from individuals are listed below as follows:

Notary Journal Entries: Why Are They Important?

When a signing is being performed, several signers are left annoyed when the notary public agent notes certain information from the document in his/her notary journal. What they don’t know is that nowadays, a single sign is not sufficient regardless of the number of documents that need notarization. The notary laws have drastically changed and notaries are now required to make at least one entry in their notary journal book for each individual paper or document that’s notarized.

Medallion Signature Guarantee vs Notary Public Stamp

Signature guarantees and notary stamps are both used to verify signers’ identity. Loan documents, for instance, require professional notarization to protect against fraud. The notary public verifies the signer’s identify – usually done by checking his or her driver’s license of state-issued ID card – and stamps the document to finalize its execution. While a signature guarantee shares some similarities to a notary stamp, they are two unique processes, each with its own purpose.

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