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If you’ve ever needed a document to just officially witnessed and attested to, then you’ve probably had to rely on a West Virginia notary public. As an executor acting on behalf of the state, a notary public performs pretty essential tasks.

In a way, this office – and the individual occupying it – are the initiators for many a business venture, the witnesses to many an official agreement, and the documenters of public matters known as “protestations”.

More on that in a moment – first, let’s take a look at the unique role of a West Virginia Notary Public.

Notary Agent’s Duties

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The powers of a notary public in West Virginia are three-fold:

  • The notary takes acknowledgments (verifies signatures)
  • This individual also administers oaths and affirmations
  • And, finally, the notary is responsible for certifying that a copy of a document is true and accurate

Under these three broad umbrellas come a host of minutiae and responsibilities, as well as a variety of documentation that a notary must preside over.

To make things truly official, a notary public in West Virginia must use a rubber stamp seal that includes the following information:

  • The words “Official Seal, Notary Public,” and “State of West Virginia”
  • The name of the notary
  • The address of the business or the notary’s affiliation (if employed, for example, by a financial firm)
  • The commission expiration date (five years from the date of the signing)

Every notarial act in West Virginia needs to, at base, follow these requirements:

  • First, the person whose signature is being notarized needs to be physically present
  • If the person is unknown, they must bring ID
  • The notary will need to use the proper acknowledgement form (based on the documentation)
  • And, finally, they’ll end the proceedings by affixing the rubber stamp seal

Every notarial act in West Virginia has its own certificate of notarial act, which is a form that must be attached to the document. These forms or certificates must have the words “acknowledged before me” or something worded similarly on them.

There are definitely limitations to a notary public’s powers, however. They need to follow certain guidelines in order to make sure that the notarial act has been properly carried out.

For example, they cannot notarize a document in which their spouse is a party or in which they have a direct beneficial interest. In West Virginia, notary publics also cannot notarize papers if the individual doesn’t actually appear before them.

There are, of course, states that have brought into effect the ability to use online electronic notarizations. However, the notary public in West Virginia cannot yet accept Skype calls or other video/audio conferencing technology as an acceptable presence for notarizations.

And, while not an explicit limitation, notaries can refuse to notarize an act if:

  • The individual signing the record is not competent or does not have the capacity to sign the record.
  • If their signature is not knowingly and voluntarily made

In West Virginia, the notary public also doesn’t have to perform the act and should report instances of abuse or even financial exploitation.

What about record-keeping? In West Virginia, the Notary Public is not obligated to use a journal to keep a record of their acts.

However, keeping one does keep concerns about liability or tracking at bay. In other words, it’s a personal choice and keeping a journal listing with information about  date, person’s name and type of document notarized may help in some future dispute.

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Need a Mobile Notary Public in West Virginia?

If you need a mobile notary in West Virginia, you’ll know by the language on your forms. At the end of the form, there should be a place for a notary’s signature and seal. Some documents call for a witness, and a notary can serve this purpose, too. Most documents and forms that are filed with the court require a notary.

  • Affidavits


  • Mortgage closing documents

    Mortgage closing documents

  • Wills


  • Designations of beneficiary

    Designations of beneficiary

  • Medical directives

    Medical directives

  • Affidavits of independent professional advice

    Affidavits of independent professional advice

  • service-icon1

    Real estate documents

  • service list icon8

    Structured settlements

  • Supporting

    Supporting documents for disability claims

  • plus


A Notary That Comes To You

Remember that, in West Virginia, you’ll need to be physically present in front of a Notary Public in order to have any documents officially signed, sealed, and delivered, so to speak. If you’re wondering where to find a notary, however, Superior Notary Services can help.

We specialize in connecting you with a well-established and experienced Notary Public in West Virginia, regardless of where you’re located. Because notarial acts are so crucial, we deliver on-demand services, so you can make things official in a hurry.

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How it Works

Our easy-to-use services can be accessed in the comfort of your home or office through our four-step process.

  • Receive Signing Order 
  • Documents Sent to a Signing Agent
  • Updates Modifications & Confirmations 
  • Completion & Prompt Invoicing 

In Office Notary Fees

The fees a notary may charge are set by the State. The most common fee is $6 for a standard oath or affirmation and seal

Mobile Notary Fees

If you are looking for a one time service. we offer notary signing services in our office and mobile signing services across the United States. Our maximum fee for the mobile notary services in the US is $75


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