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The loan signing process is often long and overwhelming — and when you’re dealing with clients, the last thing you want is for them to be frustrated or disheartened by the experience. Some elements are out of your control, but it’s still in your best interest to save your clients time, money, and frustration when signing for a loan. That’s why having a notary public on hand is an essential time-saver, and Superior Notary Services takes the hassle of finding a notary public. With notaries in all major U.S. cities, Superior Notary Services’ certified agents are ready to meet you anytime, anywhere.

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Our mobile notary services are easier & less stressful - offering maximum convenience for you and your clients.
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With over 20 years of business experience, you can trust the agents at Superior Notary Services to provide any support for your loan documents. All of our 50,000 agents are experienced, will always come to you, and offer fast turnaround times with no surprise fees or minimum orders required. Here’s why Superior Notary Services is the best choice for your next loan signing:

#1: Our Agents Are Experienced

Our experienced notary professionals are covered by a $1 million E&O insurance policy, so you don’t have to worry about any errors or irregularities. Even better, we pride our agents on their ability to pay close attention to detail with swift turnaround times.

#2: We Come To You

Superior Notary Services is unlike any other notary public service you’ll experience, because we come to you at your desired time. By emphasizing customer service and saving you time, you can focus on more important things at hand while we go to you.

#3: Fast, Reliable Services

When you work with us, you’ll be surprised at how efficient the services are. Your agent will print the required documents and travel to you to notarize them. The best part is that with same-day and overnight shipping, you can trust that your paperwork will get filed promptly.

#4: No Minimum Orders

With Superior Notary Services, there are no minimum requirements. With this policy, you won’t ever face any penalties or hidden fees. Our agents are available no matter how much or how little you need them.

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Learning About Loan Lenders

Why Do Lenders Need a Notary Public?

Millions of Americans have an existing loan, and it’s safe to say that millions more are going to need one. Lending is a bustling business, but that also means you have to keep up with the pace to stay competitive.

Lenders know that notaries are a crucial part of the loan signing process. These professionals are there to bear witness and verify the beginning of a loan, which is the best way to protect both parties’ interests. Some types of loans that require a notary include:


  • Debt consolidation
  • Student loans
  • Mortgages
  • Auto loans
  • Personal loans
  • Small business loans
  • And more


With these loans, time is of the essence. It’s not unheard of for clients to back out or become discouraged if the process takes too long. In fact, it’s not uncommon for deals to be postponed just to finish the paperwork, which often requires notarization.

In a perfect world, lenders would have notaries within the workplace, but it’s unrealistic for some businesses to staff a full-time notary. Plus, notaries that are employed by companies usually leave once business hours are over, meaning they might be unavailable for singing if a deal happens to run late.

An additional wrinkle is that most lenders depend on an experienced loan signer, which is a notary public that has additional knowledge and training in any loan document. Finding and employing a certified loan signer can be too expensive for some businesses — and finding a good time with a local certified loan signer can be a hassle. Superior Notary Services has over 50,000 certified agents that can help you today thanks to our flexible mobile notary services!

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Loan Signing Find a Mobile Notary
Loan Signing Mobile Loan Signing Notary
A Mobile Loan Signing

Find a Mobile Notary for Your Loan Signing Needs

Business runs smoother when everything is readily accessible. For lenders, this means having a notary on-hand to help complete critical loan signing processes.

Superior Notary Services saw this struggle in businesses across the country, which is why we decided to offer our straightforward and time-saving services. Over 20 years later, we are confident in our ability to help loan professionals, attorneys, and title companies assist their clients in timely manners. We believe that we succeed when you do — which is why we always come to you.

To make things even simpler, you can find our mobile notary loan signing services online. We utilize SnapDocs to give you a streamlined and easy-to-use platform. Our goal is to make the loan signing experience easy, which is what we do best.

A Mobile Loan Signing Notary Which Offers Maximum Convenience

Finding an available professional on short notice is a challenge. While there are notaries available at most shipping centers and government offices, they might not be available during the times you need them most.

That’s why it’s time to put the days of waiting behind you. When it comes to signing a loan, you can confidently finish your business thanks to a mobile notary.

At Superior Notary Services, our agents pride themselves on making your life easier by providing convenient, high-quality service. So whether you need a loan on a Sunday morning or Thanksgiving Day, you can find an experienced notary near you that is available to help with any of your business needs.

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Superior Notary Services is Tailor-Fitted To Your Business

From occasional orders at the busy time near the end of the month to fast-growing operations requiring multiple jobs, Superior Notary Services takes the hassle out of finding a notary. Order services from our notaries as often or as little as you need. Avoid irritating schedule disruptions and annoyances with a loan document signing agent who comes to you. Focus on servicing your clients rather than printing documents, managing schedules, and traveling to find a notary. In short, our mobile notary company for loan signing gives you more flexibility and more time to spend cultivating client relationships while reducing hassle and stress. Partner with Superior Notary Services and learn how you can do more with less today!

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    You can sign up for the corporate signing service you need at the amount and frequency you need it.

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    We didn’t just set the industry standards with our mobile corporate signing services or our no-minimum-order policy — we’ve taken it a step further.

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    For total convenience, we're a notary signing company that offers notary services after normal business hours and on weekends.

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