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Whether you are offering a structured settlement to an accident or disability claim, or are buying the rights to an annuity that has settled one, every legal document and affidavit will need to be notarized. For cases large and small, reach out to Superior Notary Services. We provide qualified notary signing agents to customers nationwide and can perform structured settlements notary services when they need it most.

For When You Need an Impartial Witness in the Settlement Signing Process

A structured settlement is when a recipient or plaintiff agrees to receive portions of a certain sum of money as compensation over certain intervals of time. In exchange, they cease to pursue a claim that could potentially be more lucrative. During settlement talks that may occur over the course of your personal injury case, one of our expert notary agents can act as an impartial witness for all parties, especially when signing vital legal documents.

Signing a structured settlement will ensure you are paid no matter how the case goes, ensuring a positive financial impact via a series of structured settlement payments rather than potentially losing a larger lump sum in court.

Notarize Settlement Documents On-the-Go

All structured settlements, as well as the sale of structured settlements, require a judge’s approval of the signed documents waiving the claim or annuity. However, the judge reviewing the proposed structured settlement or its sale needs some assurance that the agreement was signed by the parties involved. They would never approve any settlement documents that weren’t notarized by a licensed notary signing agent.

To ensure a settlement goes smoothly, make sure your plaintiff or company gets quality structured settlements notary services from Superior Notary Services. With over 50,000 mobile notary signing agents nationwide, we can help you notarize and sign every last document and complete your case anytime with little to no hassle.

Our Structured Settlement Mobile Notary Services Handle All Types of Transactions

Structured settlements are also frequently purchased by companies who offer somewhat less than the given sum value of ongoing payments.

The recipient in turn may wish to receive a lump sum for important financial needs like a down payment on a house or an automobile.

This leads to another binding legal agreement that, if approved by the judge, means the seller is giving up his or her rights to the money in exchange for the agreed-upon lump sum. In this case, as well, you would need notarization from a reliable signing agent, as it is generally required for legal documents to ensure that the agreement is indeed signed by the person with the rights to the annuity.

Structured Settlement Negotiations–Hassle Free

With Superior Notary Services, you have access to our network of experienced and qualified notaries from across the country who will ensure that your documents are signed and sent directly where they need to go. Whether you are a person or represent a company undergoing a structured settlement negotiation, contact us and get 24/7 support from a dependable signing agent today!

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